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Frequent Questions That Folks Are Asking About

  • How do I keep squirrels out of my bird feeders?
    The short answer is to consider LOCATION, CAGES, BAFFLES, FEEDER STYLE, FOOD TYPE, and GIVING IN. There are numerous items available to deter & manage the squirrels. Location is important because squirrels are tremendous jumpers and leapers. Cages, baffles, and feeders can help. Different kinds of foods can deter squirrels - for example, safflower seeds tend to be bitter so squirrels don't eat them much. Some people add cayenne pepper to their bird food with some success. My most successful attempts have been developing the Slippery Slope Feeder Pole Wrap and actually providing a separate feeding place exclusively for the squirrels and feeding them Critter Snack food. Both of these items can be found on this website.
  • How can I deter hawks from my bird feeders?
    Consider purchasing a BirdBrella for your feeder. This unique product protects the bird food from the weather but it also deters hawks by providing coverage for you backyard birds.
  • What should I put in my hummingbird feeder?
    There are lots of good choices of hummingbird nectar at most retail stores that offer bird seed/food. If you are interested in making your own hummingbird food, here is a good recipe to try: Mix four parts of water to one part of sugar. Use table sugar and not honey, other sugar or other artificial sweetners. Backyard Tailz will offer hummingbird nectar soon.
  • Can I feed suet year-round? During the summer months?
    Of course you can - although the wild birds have more food choices such as bugs and insects during the summer months, suet can still be a source of food. Due to the warmer temperatures and humidity, there are feeding guidelines to consider such as moving your feeder to a shaded area, feeding in early mornings and late afternoons, etc. Backyard Tailz makes a lot of suet year-round including the middle of the summer months.
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