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Seed Delivery Services

FREE in Middle Tennessee

Never run out of wild bird seed again. Sign up to have our premium seed blends delivered to your door with no extra delivery fee. Available exclusively to our neighbors in Middle Tennessee.

for your backyard

Formulated to support the unique needs of the birds in our area for the season we are in.


Ordering premium bird seed means extra shipping charges.  Our service eliminates that.


Receive a delivery when you need it, not on someone else's schedule.

easy to carry

Delivered in 5lb resealable bags.  No more wrestling with heavy, lumpy bags of seed.

Choose your delivery plan

  • Single Seed Delivery

    Try us out!
    • 20lbs of premium bird seed (no filler)
  • 6 Seed Deliveries

    Perfect for seasonal bird feeding
    • 6 deliveries of 20lbs of premium bird seed (no filler)
  • 12 Seed Deliveries

    Best value for year-round feeding
    • 12 deliveries of 20lbs of premium bird seed (no filler)
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